Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Tourmalet - The grand Tourmalet

A quick post - we're sitting in an English Pub in Cahors on our way back to Paris.

Over the last two days we've seen our last few stages in the Pyrenees.On the 19th we were on the top of the Portet D'Aspet (Jac road both sides with 17% ptiches) Cheered on the Aussies particularly as Luke Roberts from Milram was in the echappee. Kept an eye out for Robbie and Cadel.

Jac has ridden the Tourmalet and we've partied and watched the tour come through St Marie de Campan - between the Col D'Aspin and the Tourmalet. We saw Robbie at the back of the peleton and cheered him through. We were cm's away from the cyclists and cars as they went around the corner. We've been kicked off tables in bars to allow mum and mum to have the prime posistion for the caravane.

We're heading for Paris - via the Loire Valley and Verseilles.

Keep in touch and hope Silverfox is on the mend.

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