Saturday, July 24, 2010

Paris People

As Mark says... It's not about the sites you see, it's about the people you meet.

Today was another one of those days where the people made the day.

We've ticked off a few sights today - Catachombes, tower Montparnasse, shopping in the Markets featured in Masterchef episode in Paris, Lunch on the

lawns of the , a guided tour of the Paris Opera house or the Palais Garnier, TV in the motel room for the tour, the Luxemberg gardens and finally the

Panethon in the Latin Quarter.

It started with the dodgey looking European men, wearing soccer Jerseys, working for the local French Governement, guarding the opening of the

Catachecombes. It was like lining up for a night club and if you knew the bouncer you'd have a better chance of getting in. They even had the pull across

rope that they used to indicate if you were the lucky 6 that they were allowing in.

Then like, it was, like the American girls, like, lining up behind me to get into the Catechombes. There was a group from like, Michigan State studying biology

(not sure why the had to visit Musee D'Orsay or the Effile Tower then) and then was the girl from New York like who was an actor. Not studying acting, an

Actor. My mum said if you can't say anthing nice, you shouldn't say it at all. So i didn't tell her that because she was obese, she would find it hard to get work.

Nonetheless, in true American style, she was boasting about her photo shoot that afternoon. Only hope the lense was wide enough.

We could talk about the chunky itialian stallion at the Resturant for dinner, who was struting his stuff, sweating, moving quick, brushing up against the ladies.

Did we mention his specific odour l'homme?? Or the poor service we received from like resturant when they mistook us for Americans. Having to ask for

bread in a French resturant is a crime.

There is the Russian born receptionist in the hotel who flirts with Jac as he thinks he has something to offer - alothough Mark stands at her side and she has

explained he proposed on the Col du Tourmalet. Although he encourages her to speak French.

The highlight of the day was Fabienne - feminine Fabienne, The tall blonde frenchman, with the hip wiggle who either had his eyelashes tinted or wore

eyeliner. He wore the summer weight linen pants and shirt with loafers and was our Tour Guide for the L'opera or the Palais Garnier. As he told us Palais

Garnier. Was he thrown . He obviously felt that we weren't intelligent enough to share his passion for L'Opera and the Ballet and he was living his penance

taking English speaking tourists through his beloved Palais Garnier

He told us very important facts about Palais Garnier - the stage was 60 m heigh - not 16, 6 - 0 high. You are not allowed to use your flash down stairs but I

will tell you again when we get there. Some say the Foyer is like the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles (Jac did) but I do not - the Hall of mirrors is made of Marble,

there are 17 windows and mirrors. There are not that many mirrors here. the walls are made of plaster. In the renovations we did 6 years ago we replaced

the curtains, not with silk but with synthetic silk. The only way you would know would be to touch them but you will never know because you are not allowed


And so the tour went on. Mark and Jac had little pokes and digs at each other regularly as the tour progressed waiting for the next funny saying, action from

our dear Fabienne.

But alors, Fabienne could not keep our attention. We were intereted in the other Fabian - of Cancellara Saxobank Fame. The world champion. Jac and

Mark descended the marble stairs of the auditorium, weaved their way throught the labyrinth of the Opera's boutique and library and high tailed it back to the

motel for a guided tour in English of Le Tour. On the little flat screen.

At one point Schlek was within 2 s of the GC. O'Grady and Lancaster both had ridden well. Contador was riding into the race while Schlek was putting in

every once of energy he had. Did he fade or did Contador ride into it? The race between Contador and Schlek has been the highlight for the tour. Schlek

was giving it all and regardless could walk away knowing he put in everything (damn chain). It was emotional to watch Contador with the relief as he

donned the yellow jersey.

So as we sign off, tonight we'll sleep much better. We found the remote for the air conditioner which means we won't be joining the party in the street through

the open windows.

Tomorrow is the pompour of the Champs, more people watching and the final stage for le Tour and Team JMC.

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