Thursday, July 8, 2010

Clafourtis; Cancellara, Caravane; Columbia, C'mon Aussie and camping

After awaking next to a farmer's field in Guise, we needed another fix. Were addicted - the rush, excitement, star gazing and the carnival atmosphere were euphoric. Cancellara had taken the yellow jersey again.

The feedstation was to be our viewing point. The plan was the peleton would need to slow down and there would be much going on before and after. Plus plenty of time to get a glimpse of the riders.

It was also the first opportunity to get the bike out. Jac needed to buy a bought a new pump, and tube and so off I went on the ride to the next village to test it out. It wasn'tlong until she raced up the hill past the Britt on the bike and spotted an other aussie caravan flying the green and gold.

But it was on her return, when the fun started. We met again when Mark was talking to the aussies. We headed off and he passed me the key to the caravan in front of some locals. A quick friendly bonjour was exchanged and then Mark called "soigneur" and all the ladies raised their glasses and cheered. They thought he was great!

After lunch, we took our position part way up the hill for the caravane and soon reaped the rewards. Jac drapped in the Australian Flag and Mark with his Richmond jersey, we were doing our contry proud!

I wandered to the top of the hill having a conversation with the locals. Are you Brittish? Non! Are you New Zealand? Non Monsieur - je suis australianne!The European men were in fine form again and quick to have a chat. Moving on however, I found Mark's soigneur ladies and joined their party. Clafouris, wine, bread, photos, singing. Jac was going to have trouble up the hills. Then a mum and son approached her requesting a photo with her son. It was my 5 minutes of fame!!

The team cars started arriving - Garmin, Liquigas, quickstep. Where to stand was based on who we wanted to see, shortly after and with thanks to our new aussie friends, we were now wearing BMC caps - Team JMC, we gathered for photos for pez, admiring the oval cranks of Team Sky's Pinarellos. Jac greeted the arrival of the HTC car with a go aussie cheer. Jac asked about Hansen who'd fallen the day before. He was OK and had gone home. But you like cycling? As if to say you are a woman and you are interested in cycling?

The helicopters approached and passed - flys swarming over the top - the breakaway went through. Cadel saw Mark's richmond jersey and smiled. Jac called go Aussie at the HTC car and they cheered "Aussie" back- Mark got a wave from Allan Piper - who'd spotted Mark's jersey. Did you see that - I saw Cadel - I saw Hincapie - the BMC and the Cervelo girls didn't shave their under arms. The liquigas feeder looked like and italian stallion - the team hincapie shorts look great - I'm going to get a pair.

This was awesome. Amazingly after the build up for hours - it was gone in minutes. the team cars were off. the people were dissappearing, the rubbish cleared and the cars disappeared. If it wasn't for the green rubbish bags - you wouldn't have known the tour had been.

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