Friday, June 25, 2010

Le pain au chocolat, le vin rouge et mon chien s'appelle bike

Im practising my conversational french in the evening. Trying to access the memory cells which could hold a conversation in french at the age of 16. .... my friend is called Mark.... my name is Jacqui.... I live in Australia.... I don't like sugar in my coffee...

In doing so I have realised my idiote dog is going to cause me many problems. It's not the worry as to whether I am going to have to retrain him after spending a month sleeping on the couch nor is it the meagre space he will return to in Echuca after being in the Mooroopna Hotel.

My delimma as to what to call my dog in November 2008 is coming back to haunt me.

My dog is named Velo. J'ai un chien. Le nom de mon chein est Velo. Translated literally... I have a dog. The name of my dog is bike.

Maybe Leigh's name for my dog is going to stick this time... Velcro.