Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blood sweat and gears

The countdown is no longer months, weeks or days. Its hours.

I'm dancing around the house. One more ride on the trusty cold flats of Echuca. One more day of work before a few weeks off. One more morning of near zero temperatures before some lovely warm weather.

I'm already eating and drinking french. Today I slotted in 2 cafe au lait and a visit to le boulangeri (m or f?) - Degani - that even sounds french isn't it?

It's not just the excitement is building.

The phone ran hot tonight - one of the unexpected joys of Marks large family... " we might do something romantic like hold hands under the Eiffel tower"

I've written in rusty french an email to confirm accommodation and now I have one back....more dancing. I'm not 32 I'm a five (3+2) year old child counting down to christmas -

And now..SBS have a feature documentry on Garmin-Chipolte.

Vive le francais!!

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