Friday, July 2, 2010

Mike and Phil vs Ron Reed - not a match worth watching

Herald Sun, Seven News don's stand a chance in attracting the ever growing interest in cycling, if they keep up their dismal performances that were on show to unassuming public..

The day before the odysee that is the tour, our mainstream Australian journalism continue to throw factual inaccuracies and poor reporting to the unbeknowing public.

Today the Herald Sun reported who the best riders are for the teams. Phillip Gilbert? (Omega Pharma - Lotto) Tom Bonnen (Quickstep)? They're not on the stage in Amesterdam.

However the heart break is the dearth of coverage of our own athletes. The tour news was Chanel 7's report on Lance's announcement that this will be his last tour. Who cares when Australia is boasting a record of 11 cyclists in the Tour de France and Cadel is still a contender for a podium finish. This is on top of Stuart O'Grady's report that this will be his last, Sulzberger's debut, Mark Renshaw's role as lead out mann for the Mannix cat; Robbie McKewan's return from injury. Simon Gerrans return after heartbreak last year and that's only the riders without mention of the Australian directors sportif...Each has their own incredible story.

Any while I'm on my soap box, one of the most frustrating reports I've read is "Cadel doesn't have a team - just look at BMC's performance at the Giro." Commentry with blinkers. Cadel's team was at half strength - injury and the competing Tour of California. No, it wasn't poor reporting, it's the media living upto their reputation of tall poppy syndrome.

And commentry that one of our superstars who shone earlier in the year in the Giro, Richie Porte has "missed" selection for the tour shows the lack of understanding of the demands this sports has on it's athletes. Regardless of his promise, it's inconcievable to have him back up to the le tour following the Giro.

A sigh of relief washed over me when I heard Mike Tomalaris' report on SBS news. Accurate, interesting and a wellcoming balance which included the cloud of controversy that is the tour with information on our own stars.

How will the infamous L'equipe and l'auto stack up?

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